What is going on in the Middle East?
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"What is going on in the Middle East?" seeks to bring light on the issues of what is going on in the Middle East.

Who does the Land belong to, the Jews or the Palestinians? This is the question the whole world is asking but it seems only few have the answer. We believe the answer is clearly and deeply rooted in the Word of God. As a result of the knowledge that we, as an organisation, have gained from the Bible, we have written this book: What is going on in the Middle East?

If you wish to understand the physical, as well as the spiritual implications of this conflict, read the book.

Does the land belong to Israel? Are they merely aggressors in this gruesome battle of land and pride? Find out this and more as you read this overwhelmingly convincing book. It is likely you will be shocked when you find out the truths that the media has been concealing for years. When an internationally known situation, such as this, has been distorted to this proportion, only two things can restore the original story: God's word and the overwhelming exposure of hidden facts. Stay with us as we journey through the concepts and find out what is really going in the MiddleEast.

For years, lies have been told regarding this issue. The Arab-Israeli conflict, though very sensitive, needs to be handled in a firm manner. This not only affects the Middle East, it not only affects the Mediterranean Sea, but the whole world.

As you read the book we pray that the malevolent secrets of the politically correct term anti-Zionism will be unveiled to you. We have also strived to expose other anti-Jewish precepts by 'so-called' Christians. We believe that in these last days the Devil is working overtime to destroy the credibility of Israel because he knows very well that the nation of Israel is God's time clock. With a political mind and a spiritual heart we have come from both avenues to present to the world a balanced view of who Israel is and her purpose in these perilous times.

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