What is going on in the Middle East?

The purpose of this book is to present fair and balanced views on issues regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. The only way to speak about a situation that is rooted in years of falsehood is to first delve deep into the spiritual and physical roots of the matter.

As Christians we have an obligation to always firmly adhere to the standpoint of God's word and its precepts. When reading the word of God you find that the Jews have been allocated a specific role, it is imperative that we know this role seeing as it not only affects Christians but the whole of mankind. This is what we aim to do with this book bring to light the role of the Israeli's as outlined in the word of God and to prove it by using the physical trends that we see in our modern world. We are trusting that this book will reach far beyond traditional circles we have chosen to emphasize on judicial aspects such as international law. As a fundamental subject we have selected the key words two state solution, occupation and settlement. Today these words are being used as weapons against Israel. We have prayerfully tackled this and other issues alike in the forthcoming publication.

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